We're on a mission to create the world's greatest consumer product experience, putting you at the heart of it all.

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Crushing the mediocrity conundrum

We believe that consumers shouldn’t have to settle for second best. IntelligentX was founded on the belief that the next best thing is out there. We want to shift the status quo by creating products that respond and evolve with our tastes and aspirations.

Our mission

Our mission is to create the world’s greatest consumer product experience. We want to mine the wonders of technology and harness artificial intelligence in order to respond faster to your tastes and preferences.Whether you’re a creature of habit or you like to break the rules, we want you to help us create products that you want now but also those that evolve with your tastes. 

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we function and interact, and now, even the way we consume by making products more relevant and distinctive. As a food and beverage company, we make products that iterate at the same speed as technology to create a seismic shift in the industry. We don’t abide by one-size-fits-all – we’re building everything around an AI core that discovers clusters and continually optimizes that cluster’s experience.The future is audacious, and we want you to help us become an agent of change.

Our values

Constant innovation

We believe there’s no end to innovation and the next best thing is out there and ours for the taking: to make, to savor, and to keep iterating. There’s no such thing as the perfect product and our job is keep trying to find it.

Crowd wisdom

To change the norm, we need more than one ideal and people know best. Collective decisions produce vital breakthroughs and escalate our capacity to discover new things. We want to make sure that we listen, understand, and correctly interpret feedback for the most effective decisions and favorable outcomes. 

Radical transparency

We want to be upfront and shine a light on how products are made and your data is used. We don’t intend to hoard your data but to channel your feedback into making better products. Transparency is our roadmap to being better by inspiring trust and making better decisions together.

Open Source

We’re in this together and will always open source our recipes and stay open to ideas. We want to share what’s been created because we don’t believe in good enough; we want to drive ever better results that fuel innovation.

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